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  • Slovenia Climbing Guide

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    A new, revised and updated edition of a sports climbing guidebook to the Slovenian climbing areas. About 4600 routes, with 3 new climbing areas added, the number of crags has increased to 95 at present.This guide rounds up all the sports climbing possibilities from the Mediterranean area, including Osp and Mišja peč, to the alpine regions of the Julian Alps and the hills of the Slovenian north-east.

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    29,90 €

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    The guide is simultaneously translated in english, german and italian language.

  • Patagonia Vertical 2016

    38,00 €
    Chaltén Massif
    Rolando Garibotti, Dörte Pietron

    The dramatic Chaltén Massif in southern Patagonia, Argentina, is home to some of the most iconic peaks in the world, including Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. They offer everything a climber could desire, from excellent quality granite to uniquely wild rime formations. It is one of the world’s ultimate alpine playgrounds, seducing climbers from every corner. These group of peaks offers a wide variety of objectives, from moderate alpine objectives to steep walls, from enjoyable day outings to unrepeated horror-shows.

    This book describes every peak and climb in the area. Although this is not the faraway land it once was, the beauty of the peaks, the quality of the rock and the ferocity of the storms remains un- changed, offering climbers the timeless pursuit of real adventures and lasting memories.

    The guide was edited by Lindsay Griffin.

    About the authors

    Rolando Garibotti grew up in Bariloche, Argentina, and first visited the area in 1986, at age 15, when he climbed Aguja Guillaumet. At the time El Chaltén had a single, empty house. Since then he has climbed in the area relentlessly, and resides there during the summer months. His finest ascents in the region include the first complete ascent of the north face of Cerro Fitz Roy in 1996, the first ascent of Cerro Torre from the north in 2005, and the first ascent of the Torre Traverse in 2008.

    Dörte Pietron first climbed in the area in 2008. In a short time she climbed Cerro Fitz Roy four times, including the second female team ascent of the peak via the lengthy Afanassieff route, and the third ascent of Ensueño. She climbed Cerro Torre twice, including the first female ascent of the Via dei Ragni. She grew up in Heidelberg, Germany, and received a degree in physics before becoming a mountain guide. She is the head coach of the German Alpine Club’s female young alpinists team.

    The first edition won the “Best guidebook award” at the 2013 Banff Film and Book Festival.




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    The second edition is expanded and up to date, with the over 60 new routes that have been climbed since 2012.

  • Climbing Without Frontiers

    29,90 €
    Adriatic coast - Istria

    The volume introduces the crags along the Adriatic coast situated in one of the most attractive Mediterranean areas which extends across three different countries – Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

    Beside the three local languages, Italian, Slovene and Croat, the book is translated also in German and English.

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    31 climbing areas

    Over 2800 routes and much more …

  • Triglav Hiking Guide

    Tine Mihelič, Peter Pehani

    As the highest Slovene mountain with great symbolic value, Triglav is truly a majestic and beautiful summit. This iconic peak counts among the most visited high mountains in Slovenia, even though it is by no means an easy mountain.
    This guidebook includes detailed descriptions of 8 classic approaches to Triglav with brief descriptions of several other variants.The tours, which are described clearly and precisely, include topos, maps and photographs. The introductory chapters provide practical hints, a brief historical account of the mountain and an overview of the natural sites.
    The descriptions are provided in an easy-to-use format and include everything you need to know in order to successfully and safely ascend this splendid peak.

    Currently not available.

  • Mountaineering in Slovenia

    29,90 €
    Tine Mihelič

    Tine Mihelič is one of the best connoisseurs of the Slovene mountains. The volume introduces over 80 tours, from relatively easy medium-altitude trips and walks to serious high-mountain tours and traverses.The Julian Alps hold a central position in this guide, being the mightiest mountain range in Slovenia. Nevertheless the author has added ascents to the most important summits of the Karavanke and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, which though smaller in extent, are no les interesting for the attractiveness of their destinations.
    This selection of tours represents the most beautiful that the mountains of Slovenia can offer and at the same time invites you to discover this easternmost part of the Alpine chain.

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  • The Soča Valley

    Leon Leban

    “During numerous trips to well-known mountain-biking centres in Europe I became convinced that the Soča Valley provides in one relatively small area everything that many other mountain-biking destinations offer if taken all together: a plentiful selection of varied tours, diverse terrain with favourable weather conditions, a unique position between the Alps and the sea, panoramic mountains, unspoilt nature and a rich cultural and natural heritage. This guide embraces the entire region of this exceptionally rich, picturesque and fascinating valley and rounds up most of the mountain-biking possibilities in the area extending from the Julian Alps to the end of the valley in the lower reaches of the River Soča.” Leon Leban


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